Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, Executive Warren Evans and  Prosecutor Kym Worthy endorsed Gretchen Whitmer at the Mathis Community Center in Detroit. They were joined by more than 60 supporters and members of the community. (Photo by HB Meeks/Tell Us Detroit)







  Top Wayne County officials endorse Gretchen Whitmer for Governor

By Wendell Bryant/Tell Us Detroit

DETROIT, MI - Top officials, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, Prosecutor Kym Worthy, and Sheriff Benny Napoleon, all endorsed Gretchen Whitmer for Governor of Michigan, on Tuesday morning in Detroit.

The three said the people of Michigan deserve a Governor who is in their corner.

County Executive Evans said, "Michigan needs a leader who knows the pulse of each of its communities, a leader who is working with us on the issues that matter on the ground and that impact lives every single day.” Evans also stated that, “Gretchen Whitmer is committed to partnering with local leadership to ensure our priorities are reflected in an inclusive state agenda and strategy for moving Michigan forward."

Prosecutor Kym Worthy stated, “As a fellow prosecutor, I know that Gretchen isn’t afraid to hold the people in power accountable, because she’s been doing it for a long time.” “Experience matters, and I know that as Governor, Gretchen will step up and challenge both parties to do what’s right.”

Sheriff Benny Napoleon said, “Gretchen understands that Lansing has to listen, and should not dictate to the rest of the state, because we’re tired of Wayne County and Detroit being forgotten, and we know that Gretchen will step up for us.”

Whitmer was the second candidate for governor in the country endorsed by EMILY's List, and is supported locally by MI List. Whitmer is also endorsed by six statewide labor organizations and unions representing more than 170,000 Michigan workers, including: the Michigan Construction and Building Trades Council; the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights; the Michigan State Utility Workers Council; the Michigan Pipe Trades Association; the Michigan Joint Council of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union; the United Food and Commercial Workers Michigan locals 876 and 951; and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 299.





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