A bullet hole is pictured on a shop window of the Champs Elysees boulevard in Paris, Friday, April 21, 2017. France began picking itself up Friday from another deadly shooting claimed by the Islamic State group, with President Francois Hollande convening the government's security council and his would-be successors in the presidential election campaign treading carefully before voting this weekend. (Photo: Christophe Ena, AP)

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The Paris prosecutor's office leading the investigation of the Champs-Elysees attack on police officers says investigators found a pump-action shotgun and knives in the gunman's car.

Ledell Lee's lethal injection capped a chaotic week of legal wrangling that left Arkansas scrambling to salvage any part of its attempt to execute eight men before one of its drugs expires at the end of April.

One young Tunisian orphan, 2-year-old Tamim Jaboudi, has been in a prison in Tripoli, Libya, for well over a year.

Vice President Mike Pence will meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday more than two months after President Donald Trump got into a spat with the Australian leader.

The anti-government movement is planning sit-ins on roads, silent marches a day after tens of thousands of protesters were met by curtains of tear gas and rubber bullets.

By organizing a mass hunger strike by hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, Marwan Barghouti has solidified his standing as a likely successor to President Mahmoud Abbas.

China adopted its first mental health law five years ago but change is coming slowly within a society that traditionally viewed symptoms such as anxiety as isolated physical problems.

A watchdog group said the army's effort began after a video of two male soldiers having sex was posted on the internet earlier this year.

Kori Ali Muhammad is charged with killing unarmed security guard Carl Williams at a Motel 6 in Fresno.

At Paisley Park, a full four days of events are on tap, including concert performances by Prince's former bandmates. Fans who can't afford those high-priced tickets can head to a street party outside First Avenue.











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