With family and friends, Heaster Wheeler officially files for Detroit City Clerk

Former NAACP Detroit Executive Director: “It is critical that we revitalize the spirit of voters in Detroit.”

DETROIT - Heaster Wheeler has been a leader in Detroit’s communities for decades. Today, Wheeler formally announced his latest effort: to be Detroit’s next City Clerk. Wheeler officially submitted petitions to the City Clerk’s office this morning to declare his candidacy.

“The most recent election in Detroit, and across the country, had people questioning the value of their vote. That is unacceptable. Your vote is your voice,” said Wheeler. “The impetus behind this effort is to ensure that everyone is empowered to have their voice heard.”

“It is critical that we revitalize the spirit of voters in Detroit. The power to positively affect lives and communities lies in the ability and opportunity to vote. The sanctity of elections and the voice of the people are second to none. My candidacy is about ensuring those democratic principles are never compromised and guaranteeing that everyone in Detroit has a voice.”

As a lifelong Detroiter, Wheeler’s commitment to improving the city and its communities spans decades. Since his early days as a firefighter serving the city, Wheeler has been active in countless organizations, nonprofits and advocacy efforts. He served as the executive director of the NAACP Detroit branch for more than a decade, before he joined the Wayne County Executive office as an assistant county executive.

In addition to his entrepreneurship, Wheeler has worked with Black Family Development, the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren, Detroit Public Schools, Detroit Future City, and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments.

To learn more about Wheeler’s candidacy, visit
www.Wheeler4DetroitCityClerk.com or contact the campaign at (313) 451-3373. Like the campaign on Facebook for future updates.

For more information on Heaster Wheeler’s campaign for Detroit City Clerk to reclaim the voice of Detroiters, please visit www.Wheeler4DetroitCityClerk.com.











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