International Pretty Brown Girl Day, February 25, 2017

“Celebrating and Cultivating “GIRLpreneurs”, Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders”

DETROIT - Picture a girl with a smile as bright as diamonds and a heart filled with hope that she will one day change the world. Unfortunately, many girls of color don’t receive the encouragement they need to support the realization of their dreams. The Pretty Brown Girl (PBG) Foundation, an international organization and creator of The Pretty Brown Girl Doll, was created to empower girls to live life to their fullest potential, while loving the skin they are in.

International Pretty Brown Girl Day embodies the mission of celebrating and uplifting girls of color by creating a day of solidarity and takes place each year on the fourth Saturday of February during Black History Month. Together, with the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the organization established their 2017 theme, “I See Me”, which is also the theme of the Museum’s “I See Me: Reflections in Black Dolls” exhibit, which was designed for family enjoyment and doll collectors’ amusement. The exhibit features an array of black dolls, dating from the late 19th century to the present, including the signature Pretty Brown Girl Doll.

This year’s International Pretty Brown Girl Day is the perfect day to highlight women and girls of color who are leaving a footprint for other pretty brown girls to walk in. We want to encourage girls of color to think of their futures by seeing “GIRLpreneurs” - women and girls who have started a business, created a movement, provided a service or simply shared their talents and gifts with the world.

Although one of the most remarkable trends over the past decade has been the phenomenal growth in the number of firms owned by women of color, there is a substantial gap when it comes to leveling the playing field in the disparity of annual earnings, number of employees and the limited business sectors women of color tend to venture into. “We are taking our buying power and support to invest in girls and women who look like us. Despite the unique challenges women of color face in today’s traditional workplace, our entrepreneurial impact is undeniable”, says Sheri Crawley, Executive Director of The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation.

There are various ways for people to participate in the 2017 International Pretty Brown Girl Day, including becoming a National PBG Member, patronizing women and girls in businesses and encouraging girls to identify their interests for possible career aspirations. If you are located in Michigan, there will be special tours of the “I See Me” Doll Exhibit from 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. at the Charles H. Wright Museum. Registration is available online at www.prettybrowngirl.com.

Please share your experiences with Pretty Brown Girl by using the PBG Day hashtags #PBGDay2017, #ISeeMe and #PBGIRLpreneur. Visit www.prettybrowngirl.org for more details and information.






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