Woman-owned startup donates 5,000 pairs of socks to Detroiters in need

DETROIT - President of Corporate52 Marketing Group, Temeria Heard, is helping Detroiters stay warm this winter by donating 5,000 pairs of socks to several organizations.

“Socks are the most requested item amongst the homeless and a pair of dry socks, in this winter weather, has so many health benefits for the feet and the body as a whole,” said Heard. “It's sad that many people don't have a simple pair of clean and dry socks.”

Corporate52 Marketing Group provides a wide range of innovative promotional items to Detroit companies, such as the Detroit Tigers. In fact, Heard was the first African American woman in Detroit to receive the Jackie Robinson “Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner” award from the Detroit Tigers.

Through her company, Heard produced 5,000 pairs of cotton socks; fitted for men, women and children. Socks have been donated to University Prep Schools, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen Service Center, Detroit’s Afro American Mission and We Are One Community Unity Inc.

Each organization was very grateful for Heard’s generosity. A kindergarten class from the Ellen Thompson Elementary School even wrote a personalized thank you note for the entrepreneur.

Heard hopes to make her sock donation an annual tradition; adding more pairs and organizations each year.





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