Local auto dealers make car donations to aid Detroit families in need

DETROIT - Local automotive dealers Bill Perkins Automotive Group (Merollis & Taylor Chevrolet) and Feldman Automotive Group (7 metro-area dealerships) have recently made generous donations to support Vehicles for Change – Detroit (VFC-D). Perkins donated nine vehicles and Feldman donated approximately $25,000 of automotive service equipment for VFC-D’s mechanics-training program.

VFC-D makes awards of donated vehicles to qualifying low-income individuals that need a car to travel to/from employment and perform daily functions, such as taking children to daycare, school, recreation and athletic activities. It also trains future automotive mechanics through its Center for Automotive Careers.

For low-income families across Michigan, transportation may be a significant hurdle in finding gainful employment and moving into economic self-sufficiency. Indeed, employers cite transportation problems as the second-most common reason for losing entry-level workers. The need for assistance is undeniable in the Detroit metropolitan area. In 2012, twenty-six percent (26%) of Detroit households did not own a car, according to University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, and the statistics have not dramatically changed.

“Typical recipients are traveling by public transportation and walking an average of 2-3 hours each day” said Teresa McFadden, Operations Director – Vehicles For Change. “Recipients working to take care of children and family must be met with less harsh travel conditions.”

Another critical component of VFC-Detroit’ s program services is its Center for Automotive Careers, which trains underemployed members of the community as paid interns at its auto repair shop. Interns receive hands-on instruction as well as Michigan and national Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification training

Bill Perkins, owner of Bill Perkins Automotive Group in suburban Detroit, was named Black Enterprise auto dealer of the year in part for his role as chairman of the 2012 Detroit auto show. Marla & Jay Feldman have been long time charitable supporters of Vehicles for Change-Detroit and our local communities.











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