Woodward between Jefferson and Larned now the ‘Spirit of Detroit Plaza’

DETROIT - Mayor Michael Duggan and other civic and community leaders today celebrated the opening of the new “Spirit of Detroit Plaza,” a vibrant new public space located in front of the Spirit of Detroit statue.  The 20,000 square-foot civic square on Woodward, between Larned and Jefferson, will celebrate Detroit’s diversity and complement recent enhancements to Woodward Avenue, such as the new esplanade between Larned and Campus Martius.

During the initial 90-day period, the civic space, as well as adjacent streets in the immediate area, will be closely monitored to evaluate the overall impact. .Similar public spaces have been created in many cities around the world to improve walkability, increase access to public space, and create new business development without negatively impacting area traffic flow.

“Every world-class city has a central plaza where people can gather and celebrate its civic history, and in front of the Spirit of Detroit is the perfect place for all Detroiters to have the opportunity,” said Mayor Duggan.  “We are committed to a Detroit that’s open and accessible to all and this new plaza has been envisioned to celebrate all of the diversities that come together to make us a great city.”











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