RTA appoints Tiffany J. Gunter Interim CEO after departure of Michael Ford

DETROIT - The Board of Directors of The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) today immediately appointed Tiffany J. Gunter Interim CEO upon the departure of Michael Ford. Mrs. Gunter will serve in this role until a permanent replacement has been hired.

The Board expressed its gratitude to Mr. Ford for his contributions to the RTA. "Michael came to the RTA and served as our first CEO. He was instrumental in the completion of the Master Plan, creation of the Reflex Service and building an awareness of the need for a regional transit system in southeast Michigan. However, the board felt it was time to move in a new direction,” said Paul Hillegonds, RTA Board Chairman.

Mrs. Gunter will begin her duties as Interim CEO effective immediately. She has served as Deputy CEO and COO since 2014. She led the charge to secure contracts for and manage all major planning projects for the organization, developed a balanced budget with modest and limited funding, assists in the creation of policies for the board to review and consider, hiring and managing our team, works honestly and closely with the transit providers and senior political leadership in the region. Tiffany is an outstanding administrator and relationship builder with great instincts. “We are extremely elated that Mrs. Gunter has accepted to step in during a time of need. She is capable and without question ready to serve,” states Hillegonds.

Prior to joining RTA, Mrs. Gunter worked in Higher Education as a Dean of Educational Affairs at Wayne County Community College, Transportation Deputy Project Manager at SEMCOG, Material Cost Manager for the MOPAR Division at Daimler Chrysler, and Inventory Manager for Kmart Corporation. Her diverse background had prepared her to take on the daily, sometimes hourly, challenges that arise and thoughtfully consider solutions.

Gunter is married and has a four-year old son. She serves as a mentor to young ladies through a dance ministry at her church and recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. She is constantly providing the team with natural health remedies to various ailments and providing encouragement to the staff.

About the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA)

The RTA was created in 2012 to plan for and coordinate public transportation in the four-county Southeast Michigan region, including developing a plan for rapid transit. It has a 10-member board whose members are appointed for three year terms by the county executives of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, the chair of the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners, the Mayor of Detroit, and the Governor of Michigan. The Governor's appointee serves as chair and without a vote. For more information, visit www.rtamichigan.org











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