Southwest Detroit Business Association encouraging commuters to "Explore The Detour" during 2 year I-75 closure

Promotional campaign highlights incentives and special offers for area businesses

DETROIT - The Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) is encouraging metro Detroit commuters to “Explore the Detour” while searching for alternate routes home as a result of the I-75 southbound closure from Springwells St. in Detroit to Northline Rd. in Southgate. The “Explore the Detour” campaign is a collaboration between the SDBA and local businesses to offer commuters incentives, promotions and special offers during the two-year construction period.

“Whether it’s a discount on a meal at one of our many restaurants or details about an upcoming art exhibit in the neighborhood, the ‘Explore the Detour’ campaign will shine a spotlight on the many wonderful things to eat, see and do in Southwest Detroit,” said SDBA President Kathy Wendler.

The “Explore the Detour” campaign will highlight a variety of promotions and special offers for restaurants, bakeries, specialty markets, retailers and other businesses as well as include details about community events and local attractions. To learn more about the campaign and its promotions, visit www.southwestdetroit.com or join the SDBA Facebook page to receive weekly posts with offers.

An “Explore the Detour” passport also will be made available each quarter to provide commuters with an in-hand guide featuring local businesses with special offers and details about Southwest Detroit. The first edition will be available in early March and distributed to downtown businesses and downriver residents, can be picked up at the SDBA located at 7752 W. Vernor Hwy. in Detroit or found online via www.southwestdetroit.com.

For 60 years, the SDBA has enhanced the quality of life for local residents by creating strong business districts, walk-able neighborhoods, permanent bike lane infrastructure and inviting green space. It is one of Detroit’s most vibrant and growing communities that features more than 1,700 businesses. For more information about the “Explore the Detour” campaign, contact SDBA Social Media and Marketing Coordinator Rebecca Gallagher at (313) 842-0986 or email via rebeccag@southwestdetroit.com.

About the Southwest Detroit Business Association
The Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) fosters innovation, drive and commitment in the Southwest Detroit community. Established in 1957, it supports the community’s vision for a healthy, vibrant neighborhood. SDBA works with local businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, customers and neighbors to develop a place where more and more people are choosing to live, work, shop and play – a place where you find Business Building Business and Community Building Business. For more information, visit www.southwestdetroit.com.

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